Business Consulting and Valuations

Most small businesses often require specialist assistance and advice when planning for expansion, or when confronted with a difficult business situation or problem.

In this regard, the services of a CPA in association with a specialist business advisor can be used to provide an independent assessment of the situation, and often a number of possible options or solutions can be identified for consideration.

At Frederiks Accountants Pty Ltd we are able to provide such services including business improvement solutions, strategic planning, business reviews & evaluations etc.

As experienced business consultants, we are able to think outside of the square and use our expertise to assist small business owners to grow their business.

Business Evaluations
For those clients considering the purchase of a new business, or those clients wishing to sell an existing business, it is essential that a thorough evaluation of the business is undertaken to determine the fair market value of the business under consideration.

In this regard, we are able to provide clients with an independent evaluation and assessment of the particular business from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

We will not only examine the financial performance of the business to determine its fair market value and expected profitability, but we will also examine a range of other essential non-financial factors including:

  • Working capital requirements
  • Plant & Equipment
  • Stock
  • Creditors & Debtors
  • Industry

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